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Hot trish stratus

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Trish is dressed in a rather tight corset with a necklace made to look like a tie whilst also adding a glittery top hat to the outfit to give it legitimacy. While her accomplishments between the WWE ropes obviously speak for themselves, Trish is also one of the most attractive WWE Divas to ever grace the ring and the following article will look at some of the best photos of the former champion that need to be seen to be believed. Parsons Green 'bucket bomb' was concealed in trousers, court h Trish had to deal with a lot during her time in the industry.

For days, rumours had swirled that fitness guru Trish Stratus would be appearing on the Sunday Night Heat.

Trish's Great Taste in Jewelry! Stratus, the hottest WWE woman of all time! Submit a new link. She is a living legend, who knew how to kick ass and look amazing doing it.

You get lost in her eyes and are drawn to that beautiful, cute, and seductive smile.

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It was already made apparent that Trish would be leaving before these images were released, but it had many fans begging the Toronto native in the hopes that she would change her mind. Neither can her fans. Trish Stratus Pins Followers. It seems that we are finally seeing the real side of her.

She left on top as champion and with an amazing career that is very hard to match. The Trish belt is something that she gradually became famous for during her last stint and even donned a flashing one for her final match.


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